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Stock split - Keys;Cash flow - Feel Good;Receivable-Murtaugh

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Keys Financial has done extremely well in recent years, and its stock now sells for $175 per share. Management wants to get the price down to a more typical level, which it thinks is $25 per share. What stock split would be required to get to this price, assuming the transaction has no effect on the total market value? Put another way, how many new shares should be given per one old share?

Feel Good Inc. expects to have sales of $30,000 in January, $33,000 in February, and $38,000 in March. If 20% of all sales are for cash, 40% are on credit and are paid in the month following the sale, and 40% are on credit and are paid 2 months following the sale, what cash flow from sales is expected in March?

Murtaugh Manufacturing sells on terms of 2/15, net 40. Total annual sales are $950,000. 40% of the customers pay on the 15th day and take discounts, and the remainder pay, on average, 50 days after their purchases. All sales and receivables are recorded net of discounts, regardless of whether or not discounts are actually taken. What is the firm's accounts receivable balance?

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Keys Financial - Since there is no effect on total market value; we need to simply divided 175 by 25. We have 7 as the answer. Hence 7 new shares will be issued for each current share holding. Proof $175 = $25 * ...

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The solution analyze stock split for Keys; cash flow for Feel Good; receivable balance for Murtaugh