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Vision Shadows by Simon Ortiz

"Vision Shadows." Write about what this poem suggests to you in terms on one or more of the following topics: concerns for the environment, love of nature, and the symbol of the eagle.

This poem really does not help me to understand the questions. I sort of get the part about the eagle and probably am off base on that as well. Please give an idea of what this poem means in these terms as posted. Thanks

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My interpretation of this poem would be about the shadows created in the second half of the poem, of the things in the first half of the poem. The environment suffers in ways that humans do, but we don't see it as well. The sage can't breathe, the eagles fall, the animals are afraid. The introduction of strangers into the habitats of the ...

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Interpretation of the poem Vision Shadows in relation to the environment, nature, and the eagle as a symbol.