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Motorola's Transformation: Buyouts and Acquisitions

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Write about Motorola transformation process within the last 1-2 years.

Be sure to include the following information:
- A complete explanation as to why you've chosen the organization
- A brief summary of the organization.

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Motorola is a decades old company, first dealing with two way radio equipment and in the 1980s being credited with creating the mobile phone. The company has been business focused, often also found in government telecommunications. The company expanded its reach into mobility when it offered the first mobile phones that were the precursor to the cell phones and smartphones on the market today.

Motorola has been changing and selling the parts of the business that do not bring in profits. Phones that did not make money including the Symbian line were the first to be stopped. Motorola has entered into partnerships and sold off segments to focus on more core competencies. It lost ground in the mobile markets (McCann, 2013), but moved to recover those by focusing more specifically on the Droid lines of smartphone and creating consumer friendly products and services. It has focused on making tablets, hands free headsets, and accessories that help ...

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This is a review of the recent past transformation of Motorola through buyouts and acquisitions.

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