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    Technique Used to Manage IT Project Risks

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    1. Describe one technique used to manage IT project risks.
    2. Why might companies today develop IS operational plans that cover only one year?
    3. How would you respond to the criticism that a proposed IT architecture is not feasible based on today's technology?

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    Technique to Manage IT Project Risks

    Gantt chart can be used as a technique to manage IT project risks. It is a horizontal bar chart that is used to schedule the IT project through incorporating each activity of the project. In this, each activity and tasks of the IT project is depicted as a block over the time period. In this, actual performance of the project is recorded by the management in against of the planned deadline to reach at the objective of the project. This technique helps the management to assess the risk and control the risk over the time period that can be faced during the IT project (Tool and Techniques of Project Management). It is because each activity in the project is planned by the management of the firm to define the needed time period for completion of that. It also helps to define and to reach at the points those are important for completion of the IT project as time, cost, required resources, risks and ways to overcome the risks and many more. As per the identification of the risk factor or cause of a risk, sufficient actions are taken by the management of the firm so that the planning of the project cannot be affected (Khalili & Maleki, 2011).

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