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Analyzing Server Traffic, Bandwidth, and Traffic

See attached file.

Campus Travel has recently found that its Internet connections between offices are becoming slow, especially during certain periods of the day. Since all the online traffic is maintained by another company, an increase in capacity requires a formal approval from the general manager. The IS manager has proposed to increase the capacity of the company's network; in a few days, he has to present the business case for this proposal at the weekly meeting of the department heads. You are asked to prepare graphs for the presentation to support the IS manager's business case. In the (attached file), you will find information about the network traffic for a one-week period. Prepare the following graphs:

1.) Total bandwidth used for each day (line graph)
2.) Bandwidth used per day, by time period (line graph)
3.) Average bandwidth used in each two-hour period (line graph)

Format the graphs in a professional manner and print out each graph on a separate page (Hint: if you are using Microsoft Excel's Chart Wizard, select "Place chart: As New Sheet" in step 4).


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