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    Accounting Information Systems

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    Come up with three concrete recommendations for improving accounting/payroll information system. Make sure you do not just identify the problems, but that you also make very specific recommendations for how you would correct those problems. make sure you come up with three original, concrete recommendations for improving your system and that you explain how you would implement each one.

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    The first recommendation for improving the payroll information system is based on the problem that the current payroll system is not accessible from all locations of the company. An employee who reports at another company location for work cannot punch in his attendance. The recommendation for implementation is that the payroll system should be cloud based and should be accessible from all locations of the company and should also be accessible through mobile devices. A personnel department employee must be able to access the payroll from any of the 36 ...

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    This solution gives three suggestions for improving the payroll information system in my company. The sources used are also included in the solution.