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    Trade in asset for two situations

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    Community Bank recently traded in office fixtures. Here are the facts:

    Old fixtures
    Cost 96,000
    Accumulated depreciation 65,000

    New Fixtures
    a. Cash paid, 103,000 plus the old fixtures

    1. Record Community Bank's trade-in of old fixtures for new ones.
    2. Now let's change one fact and see a different outcome. Community Bank feels compelled to do business with Mountain Furniture, a bank customer, even though the bank can get the fixtures elsewhere at a better price. Community Bank is aware that the new fixtures' market value is only $127,000. Now record the trade-in.

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    Answer 1

    Net Book Value of Old Fixtures = 96,000 - 65,000 = $31,000

    Since, no information is provided about the fair value, we will take net book value as fair ...

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