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Investment analysis - Portfolio

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As I am beginning to review investments in one's own portfolio, when you realize that a carbon footprint is connected to the investment is relatively large, but the oil company stock also pays for the family vacations each year. The company's website also states that it uses a high percentage of the profits to invest in green and renewable fuels. Does one keep the stock or sell? Why? What principles did you apply in making this decision? Also, how does one check the credibility of the company and its website? I am not familiar or understand this process. Any insight would greatly help me in planning a future investment.

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First, in reviewing the components of your portfolio, you must refer to your investment policy statement (IPS). An IPS outlines the rules governing the portfolio including which investment should be included (e.g., what types of companies), target allocation percentages for industries for example, and ...

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This solution explains the principles behind investing in green energy and renewable fuel sources.

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Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management - Costco

Select one organization's publicly traded stock.

(1) Choose two valuation techniques:
(2) Calculate the stock's value (you may use summary financial information obtained from Google if you wish - cite your source) via the two valuation techniques and then compare to the current market price (within last ten days) to determine if it is properly-, under-, or overvalued.
(3) Conduct a brief analysis of the organization's industry using Porter's Five Forces.
(4) Finally, combining the valuation and industry analysis conclude whether or not the stock should be purchased.

The response will be submitted using APA format and include properly cited and valid academic references in the body of the paper.

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