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Calculate actual payment given situation

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You are a U.S. importer from France. You committed to paying ?100,000 to your French supplier on May 31. You decided to hedge against this foreign currency liability by entering long one euro futures contract. Unfortunately, the closest that you can come to May 31 is the JUN contract with June 23rd delivery. Having no other choice, you entered the JUN contract at the futures price of 1.5000 $/?.

On May 31st you MUST deliver the euro. Because the JUN delivery is more than three weeks into the future, you purchase the needed euro on that date at the spot market for 1.6000 $/?. Since you delivered the euro, you do not need the futures contract anymore so you instruct your broker to reverse your position in the futures market. The broker comes back to you and informs you that she found counterparty at the futures price of 1.62.
Requited: All in all, how much did you actually paid for the euro on May 31?

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On 31st may we pay 1.6000 $/? to buy ?100,000 from the spot market by paying =$160,000
We purchased the long euro ...

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This post shows how to calculate actual payment if she found counter party at the futures price of 1.62.