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Financial Statement Analysis - Fly-By-Night International Group

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I need help with Case 5.3 titled "Fly-by-Night International Group: Can this Company be Saved?" on page 341 of your textbook. Refer to the narrative information and the financial data provided.

Answering the questions about Fly-By-Night's cash flow problems in part a under "Required" on pp. 341-3. Then, write a 300- to 400-word essay explaining your position.

Thanks for explaing the logic each question. Thanks.

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Fly By Night International was founded by Douglas C. Mather in mid 1970's with primary focus on pilot training school. Soon after the incorporation the company expanded to government contracting. FBN used to provide rent-an-enemy fleet to the Navy and Air Force for use in fighter-pilot training. The company experienced huge success during the first five years of its operations and the stock price almost doubled. However in year 14 the company realized that there have been some issues with the financial statements already published and those under publication. After analyzing the financial statements of the company we have summarized some of the key evidences which indicate the cash flow problems:See the attached file for the complete solution along with the workings.

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