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    Total assets and stockholders' equity for Jodie Foster, Inc.

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    Jodie Foster Care Homes, Incorporated shows the following data:

    Year Net Income Total Assets Stockholders' Equity Total Debt
    201 $118,000 $1,900,000 $700,000 $1,200,000
    2013 131,000 1,950,000 950,000 1,000,000
    2014 148,000 2,010,000 1,100,000 910,000
    2015 175,700 2,050,000 1,420,000 630,000

    a. Compare the ratio of net income to total assets for each year and comment on the trend.
    b. Compute the ratio of net income to stockholders' equity and comment on the trend. Explain why
    there may be a difference in the trends between parts a and b.

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    Jodie Foster Care Homes Incorporated

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