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Sustainable Growth Rate; Retention Rate; Payout Rate; Margin

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-Chapter 2, problem 1 (page 35).
-Chapter 2, problem 2 (page 35).
-Chapter 2, problem 4 (page 35).
-Chapter 2, problem 5 (page 35).
-Chapter 3, problem 2 (page 75).
-Chapter 3, problem 6 (page 76).


Current Assets $7,500
Net Fixed Assets $28,900
Current Liabilities $5,900
Long-Term Debt $18,700

Shareholder Equity =
Net Working Capital =

Problems attached.

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Sustainable Growth Rate; Retention Rate; Payout Rate; Marginal Tax Rate; Average Tax Rate; Calculation of Income Taxes; Calculation of Operating Cash Flow; Equity Multiplier; ROE; Net Working Capital.

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