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    Amount of the mortgage payment excluding interest in 20X2

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    The Molehill
    Condensed Balance Sheet
    December 31, 20X1 and 20X2
    20X1 20X2
    Cash $10,000 $8,000
    Accounts receivable 26500 22500
    Investments 10000 20000
    Equipment 200000 320000
    Accumulated depreciation -20000 -59000
    Total assets $226,500 $311,500

    Current liabilities
    Accounts payable $18,000 $21,000
    Mortgage payable(current) 5000 22000
    Dividends payable 5000 8000
    Noncurrent liabilities
    Mortgage payable 75000 110000
    Common stock 50000 70000
    Retained earning 73500 80500
    Total liabilities and owners' equity $226,500 $311,500

    Additional information:
    a. Equipment costing $20000 and fully depreciated (to $0) was sold for $5000.
    b. Long-term investments costing $10000 were sold for $12000.
    c. common stock was sold and long-term debt was borowed during 20X2.
    There were no noncash financing or investing activities during 20X2.
    d. Income defore gain on the sale of equipment and investments for 20X2 totaled $15000.
    The firm's average and marginal tax rates are 15% and 20%, respectively.
    e. Assume all current liabilities are paid on a timely basis.
    f. Assume retained earnings is affected only by net earnings and dividends declared.

    What was the amount of the mortgage payment, excluding interest expense, during 20X2?

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