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Ratio Analysis

Please can you check my answers and help me find the solutions to the others?

There are two companies - Billibong and QuickSilver -
I have written the page numbers to my answers so easy enough to find.

I had some trouble attaching the two company files which have the figures used from their financial reports for the year 2004 but available at :




If you have problems with the Financial Reprots I can email them to you
as I am struggling to download them here


3.3.1. MEASURING PROFITABILITY Rate of return on net sales

Without the effects of the costs of tax and borrowing, the rate of return on net sales mirrors the return on sales from the operation. Operating Profit Margin Rate of return on total assets Rate of return on ordinary shareholders' equity Earnings per share (EPS)


4.1.1. Analysing Shares as an Investment P/E Ratio Dividend yield Dividend Payout Ratio Book value per ordinary share


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