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    Break even calculations and financial ratios

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    Please help with the following calculations. '
    1) If the sales price per unit is $100, the unit variable cost is $75 and total fixed cost are $150,000 then the break even volume in dollar sales is?

    2) Company produce dolls. Each doll sells for $20.00. Variable cost is per unit total is $14.00 of which is direct material and $5.25 is for direct labor. If total fixed cost are $435,00 then the break even volume in dollars is?

    3) Company sells desks at $480 per desk. The cost associated with each desk are as follows. Direct material $195
    Direct labor 126
    Variable factory overhead 51
    Total fixed cost for the period are $456,840 . The contribution margin per desk is?

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    1 Break Even Volume in dollars:

    Break even sales volume $600,000

    2 Break Even Volume for Dolls in dollars:

    Break even sales volume $1,450,000

    3 Calculation of ...

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