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Financial Accounting Students

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Seventy-five junior-level accounting majors that were enrolled in an Intermediate Financial Accounting class participated in this experiment. Students took a pretest on a topic not covered in class and then each was given a homework problem to solve on the same topic. A completely randomized design was employed, with students assigned to receive one of three different levels of assistance on their homework:

(1) No help at all; (2) Check figures at various steps of the solution; (3) Completed solution.

After finishing the homework, each student was all given a posttest on the subject. The dependent variable of interest to the researchers was the knowledge gain (test score improvement), measured as the difference between the posttest and pretest scores.

RQ: Is there a difference in the knowledge gain of three methods of homework assistance for financial accounting students with a 95% confidence interval?

A. Choose the Hypothesis
B. Specify the Decision Rule
C. Calculate the Test Statistic, P-value
D. Make the Decision
E. Give an interpretation of the Decision

Attach your Excel document with calculations.

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Solution Summary

The differences in the knowledge gain of three methods of homework assistance for financial accounting students are determined.

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