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    Employees and Payroll

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    In bookkeeping there are four types of employees you should know and there are five categories of pay they can receive. List them with a brief description.

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    Groups of Employees

    There are four groups of employees: full time, part time, casual, and seasonal.

    • Full time employees work regularly scheduled hours, usually 35-40 per week.
    • Part time employees work different shifts throughout the week, usually during busy periods to supplement full time workers. The standard hours per week for part time employees is usually up to 24 hours per week, although they can work longer usually when full time employees are on holidays.
    • Casual employees are hired to perform a specific job for a set time period. These employees are usually hired to supplement full time workers in busy periods or to fill in when they are off.
    • Seasonal employees are hired to perform their job for a set time period such as a summer. They usually work full time hours for the period they are ...

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    The solution answers the question by listing the four common types of employees and the five categories of pay. As well, a few bullet points are provided that describe the types/categories.