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    Solve: Forward Rates

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    Question: Suppose Credit Suisse Quotes spot 90 day forward rates of $0.7957-60, 8-13.

    - What are the outright 90 day forward rates that Credit Swiss is quoting?
    - What is the forward discount or premium associated with buying a 90-day Swiss francs?
    - Compute the % bid ask spreads on spot and forward Swiss Francs?

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    a. The outright forwards are: bid rate = $0.7965 (0.7957 + 0.0008) and ask rate = $0.7973 (0.7960 + 0.0013). The first rate is always the bid rate and the second rate is the ask rate. ...

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    In about 125 words, this solution explains the calculation of forward rates, forward premium and discount and the bid ask spread. All required calculations and equations are provided.