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Business Analysis: NYSE NASDAQ

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Your parents have been left a substantial amount of money and want to invest in a company. Your father trusts you to make a recommendation but also wants to see the reasoning behind your choice. Prepare three set of document for your parents to consider (business analysis, combined income and cash flow statement and trend analysis). Select a public company that trades on either the NYSE or the NASDAQ, perform a business analysis(both external and internal)for your company using various sources of information, e.g. annual report and form 10-k, magazine, company website, government information.

Combined income and cash flow: download the company's annual report from its website or the company's form 10-k from US Securities and Exchange Commission. Confirm that the firm's income, dividends, and other capital transactions explain the change in the equity for the most recent year, confirm that the firm's cash flow statement begins with the same net income amounts found in the income statement

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