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Price adjustments

Step 1: Identify an example of a recent price adjustment. This can be a new sale price, a price increase or a special offer.

Step 2: Research the history of the price for this product, including competitive influences.
• Consider what led the company to make the price adjustment. Was it proactive or reactive?
• What was the influence of competitors before the price adjustment?
• What are the actions taken by competitors after the price adjustment?

Step 3: Draw conclusions from your research.

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Step 1:
In this step, you need to identify a product that has experienced a recent price decrease. An example of such a product would be the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s from Apple. Starting approximately six months ago, Apple began dropping prices on all iPhone 4 and 4s models. The price decrease continues, and many cell phone companies are using the iPhone 4 and 4s as the standard phone that they give free to customers for entering into a cell phone contract. Previous to this, only the standard, non-smartphone models were used as free phones or phones that only cost pennies.

If you look at AT&T's website (www.att.com), you will see several smartphones from Apple (The older models) for free and for ...

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This solution helps the student work through each of the three steps in the price adjustments question listed. Examples of recent price adjustments, including what - how - and why the adjustment was made are discussed, and the conclusions regarding the adjustment are also discussed.