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    Investor stock evaluations

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    According to the December 22, 2003 issue of Forbes, following are the 10 questions every investor should ask before buying a stock:

    1. How does the company make money?
    2. Are sales real?
    3. How is the company doing relative to its competitors?
    4. How does the broader economy affect things?
    5. What could really hurt - or even kill - the company over the next few years?
    6. Is management sweeping expenses under the carpet?
    7. Is the company living within its means?
    8. Who is running the show?
    9. What is the company really worth?
    10. Do I really need to own this stock?

    Are there any more thoughts in regards to this article?

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    This is a pretty good list to determine the stability of the company itself in its present position.

    Some other things to consider:

    Has there been any recent announcements by management as far as of future plans of acquiring other companies ...

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    The solution discusses questions that every investor should ask before buying a stock.