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Increasing minimum wage discussion

Have you ever worked for the minimum wage? If so, for how long? Would you favor increasing the minimum wage by a dollar? By two dollars? By five dollars? Explain your reasoning. Explain how your answer might change from today's high unemployment vs. two or three years from now when the unemployment rate has returned to about 5%.

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There are a variety of issues when it comes to the minimum wage debate. Like many people, my first job was in food service, as a teenager, and it was minimum wage. For most people in that situation, this is fine. However, when you look at unskilled workers (people who either didn't finish high school, or only finished high school), the minimum wage is not usually enough to live on, let alone support any kind of family. Proponents of increasing the minimum wage will always point to this, and for the most part, they are correct. Opponents of increasing minimum wages point to the impact on small ...

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This 429 word solution discusses issues regarding minimum wage and whether or not it would be a good idea to increase minimum wage and how this can affect the economy. The situation is also put into context in terms of evaluating when minimum wage increases would work and when they would not.