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Galt Industries: issuing new equity and repaying debt

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Galt Industries has 50 million shares outstanding and a market capitalization of $1.25 billion. It also has $750 million in debt outstanding. Galt Industries has decided to delever the firm by issuing new equity and completely repaying all the outstanding debt. Assume perfect capital markets.

Suppose you are a shareholder in Galt industries holding 100 shares and you disagree with this decision to delever the firm. You can undo the effect of this decision by:

1. Borrowing $100 and buying 40 shares of stock
2. Selling 32 shares of stock and lending $800
3. Selling 40 shares of stock and lending $1000
4. Borrowing $1500 and buying 60 shares of stock

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This solution illustrates how to compute the effect on a company's stock of restructuring its capital.

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The price per share is $1,250,000,000/50,000,000, or $25. They need to sell $750,000,000/$25, or 30,000,000 ...

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