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Finding mean and standard deviation of returns

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Question #1

Calculate arithmetic average returns, the variances, and the standard deviations for X and Y.
Year X Y
1 17 23
2 22 34
3 8 11
4 -15 -32
5 10 21

Question #2

What are the arithmetic and geometric returns for the stock?

Year Price Dividend Arithmetic Return Geometric Return
1 $43.15 -
2 $48.13 $0.45
3 $57.05 $0.49
4 $45.13 $0.55
5 $52.05 $0.62
6 $61.13 $0.68.

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Solution Summary

Solutions depict the steps to estimate the arithmetic mean, geometric mean and standard deviation in the given case. Calculations are carried out with the help of suitable built-in functions in MS Excel.

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