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    Exchanges and money

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    You just returned from some traveling thoughout the Americas. You started your trip with $20,000 in your pocket. You spent 3.4 million pesos while in Chile and 16,500 bolivares in Venezuela. Then on the way home you spent 47,500 pesos in Mexico. How many dollars did you have left by the time you returned to the US given the following exchange rates?(Note: Multiple symbols are used to designate various currencies. ex. US dollar is notated as $ or USD.)

    Country U.S. $ Equivelent Currency per U.S. $
    Chile ? 668.0001
    Mexico 0.0777 ?
    Venezuela ? 2.1473

    a. 1,113 USD
    b. 3,535 USD
    c. 4,117 USD
    d. 4,244 USD
    e. 7,408 USD

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    Initial amount is $20,000
    In Chile 3,400,000 peso is spent which is equivalent t0 ...

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    The solution explains how to calculate the amount of dollars left after returning to US from a trip abroad. The multiple symbols used to designate various currencies are determined.