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    Common Stock

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    A corporation issues 2,000 shares of common stock for $ 32,000. The stock has a stated value of $10 per share. The journal entry to record the stock issuance would include a credit to Common Stock for

    My answer is $32,000
    Am I correct?

    When the market rate of interest was 12%, Newman Corporation issued $1,000,000, 11%, 10-year bonds that pay interest annually. The selling price of this bond issue was

    I think the answer is $943,494

    When the market rate of interest was 11%, Welch Corporation issued $100,000, 8%, 10-year bonds that pay interest semiannually. Using the straight-line method, the amount of discount or premium to be amortized each interest period would be

    I think the answer is $1,793

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    The journal entry will be as follows:
    Debit: Cash 32,000
    Credit: Common Stock ...

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