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    Calculate Mutual Fund History

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    Consider the following mutual fund history OF SHARE PRICES:

    Date Fund A Fund B
    Jan 12.00 11.53
    Feb 11.47 11.22
    Mar 12.21 11.98
    Apr 12.33 12.05
    May 12.44 12.61
    June 13.17 12.93
    July 12.76 13.08

    a. Calculate the variance of return for EACH of the two mutual funds NOT OF THE SHARE PRICE. (ANSWER SHOULD BE .001660 FOR FUND A, .000910 FOR FUND B, NEED CALCULATION)
    b. Suppose an investor puts $125 per month into both funds A and B, calculate the variance of the two-security portfolio over this period.( ANSWER SHOULD BE .001118)

    I provided a worksheet of variance for share price but I need a variance for returns

    I will accept answer with matches up to 4 positions after the decimal if steps of calculation are incuded.

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