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    Analyzing Statements of cash flow

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    Please provide your analysis on the attached problems. Please note that other students in my group have made references to post 204910 and 237047 in the brainmass library. Please include citation.

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    Answer 1:
    For the purpose of cash flow statement analysis we have selected 3 companies from different industries. The companies are:
     Johnson & Johnson (Healthcare)
     AT&T (Telecommunication and wireless)
     General Motors (Automotive)
    Summarized below is the cash flow analysis of all the three companies for the most recent year.
    Detailed answer attached.

    Answer 2:
    Candela Corporation is engaged in the development and commercialization of aesthetic laser system which is used in various cosmetic and medical conditions. We have performed a detailed analysis of the cash flow statement of the company for the current year and its comparison with the previous two years and summarized below are our key observations:
    Attached is the detailed answer.