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    EPS with convertible bonds and preferred stock

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    On January 1 2008 ABC Company issued 10 year, $2,000.000 face value, 6% bonds, at par. Each $1000 bond is convertible into 15 shares of ABC's common stock. ABC's net income in 2008 was $300,000, and its tax rate was 40%. ABC company had 100,000 shares of common stock outstanding throughout 2008. None of the bonds were converted in 2008.
    (a) solve for the diluted earnings per share for 2008.
    (b) solve diluted earnings per share for 2008, assuming the same facts as above, except that $1,000,000 of 6% convertible preferred stock was issued instead of the bonds. Each $100 preferred share is convertible into 5 shares of ABC common stock

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    Diluted EPS = {Net Income - Preferred Dividend + Convertible Debt Interest *(1-tax rate)}/(weighted average shares + shares from conversion of convertible preferred shares + shares from ...

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    The solution computes EPS with convertible bonds and preferred stock.