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Residual Dividend Policy

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The following facts apply to your company:
Target capital structure: 50% debt; 50% equity.

EBIT: $200,000,000
Assets: $500,000,000
Tax Rate: 40%
Cost of new & old debt 8%

Based on the residual distribution policy (with all distributions in
the form of dividends), the payout ratio is 60 percent.
How large (in millions of dollars) will the capital budget be?

Needs some guidance on capital budgeting

less interest = $20,000,000 = ($500,000,000 * 50%) * 8%
EBT = $180,000,000 = $500,000,000 - $20,000,000
Net Income = EBIT - less interest - Taxes
Net Income = $108,000,000 = $180,000,000 - ($180,000,000 * 40%)

Distribution = 60%
Target equity ratio = $250,000,000

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The net income is calculated correctly.
From the net income, dividends will be 60%= 108,000,000X0.6=64,800,000 and the retained earnings will be 108,000,000-64,800,000=43,200,000

We are to find the amount of capital budget. The total capital budget will be ...

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The solution explains how to determine the capital budget based on a residual dividend policy

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