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Issue preferred stock at what price; NPV & IRR of projects

Mark Walker Inc plans to issue preferred stock with a perpetual annual dividend of $2 per share and a par value of $25. If the required return on this stock is currently 8%, what should be the stock's market value?

a. $22.00

b. $23.00

c. $24.00

d. $25.00

e. $26.00

A firm with a cost of capital of 13 percent is evaluating three capital projects. The internal rates of return are as follows:

Project Internal Rate of Return
1 12%
2 15
3 14

The firm should __________.

a- accept Project 2 and reject Projects 1 and 3
b- accept Projects 2 and 3 and reject Project 1
c- accept Project 1 and reject Projects 2 and 3
d- accept Project 3 and reject Projects 1 and 2


A firm is evaluating an investment proposal which has an initial investment of $5,000 and cash flows presently valued at $4,000. The net present value of the investment is __________.

A) -$1,000
B) $0
C) $1,000
D) $1.25

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1. The preferred stock is perpetuity and the price is calculated as Annual Dividend/Required return. The annual dividend is $2 and the required return is 8%
Market value of stock = 2/8% = ...

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