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Conducting a capital budgeting analysis

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The board of directors of Trinity Hospital is working on a five-year strategic plan for the facility. One of the strategic goals is to build a new $1 million cancer research wing in five years. The group is concerned that current economic conditions might reduce revenues over the next five years and they are uncertain about the fate of the construction project. You are part of team tasked with conducting a capital budgeting analysis.

The entire SLP component of the course will involve different aspects of the capital budgeting analysis. You are to perform the calculations and interpret the findings in your SLP papers.

Identify the relevant assets as well as labor and non-labor costs categories that you will want to include in the analysis.
Submit the list of categories and an explanation for why you selected these items in a WORD document.
Construct an EXCEL spreadsheet using these categorical labels

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The main goal is to determine in which manner I will be able to maximize my NPV, and that maximum NPV can be 0 of course. The important is that it is not negative.

How do we plan this?

Remember that a higher risk brings a higher return (in that case a higher discount rate), thus as you project incomes further down the road, you also add risk and uncertainty. Same thing goes for CAPEX of course. 1000 $ spent 5 years from now is worth less than that same 1000$ today. technically yes, but you have to factor in inflation for some of these entrants also, as I will show later, in real terms, the price may be even higher.

I will refrain from making ...

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