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Capital Budgeting and Asset Betas

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Problem 9-2:
A company is 40% financed by risk-free debt. The interest rate is 10%, the expected market risk premium is 8%, and the beta of the company's common stock is .5.

Risk Free Debt Interest Rate Market Risk Premium Beta Taxes
40% 10% 8% 0.5 35%

a.      What is the company cost of capital?
b.      What is the after-tax WACC, assuming that the company pays tax at a 35% rate?

Problem 9-16:
What types of firms need to estimate industry asset betas? How would such a firm make the estimate? Describe the process step by step.

Problem 10-2:
Explain how each of the following actions or problems can distort or disrupt the capital budgeting process. a. Overoptimism by project sponsors.
b. Inconsistent forecasts of industry and macroeconomic variables.
c. Capital budgeting organized solely as a bottom-up process.

Problem 10-14:
Suppose that the expected variable costs of Otobai's project are ¥33 billion a year and that fixed costs are zero. How does this change the degree of operating leverage (DOL)? Now recompute the operating leverage assuming that the entire ¥33 billion of costs are fixed.

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Answers Corporate Finance Questions on Cost of Capital, Asset Betas, Capital Budgeting, Leverage using Excel.

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