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    1. When analysts and investors determine the value of a firm's stock, they should consider:
    a. the size of the expected cash flows associated with owning the stock
    b. the timing of the cash flows.
    c. the riskiness of the cash flows.
    d. all of the above

    2. An officer of a firm that is a majority owner in a competing firm will probably be subject to:
    a. an IRS audit
    b. an FBI or police investigation
    c. a conflict of interest with shareholders of the firm
    d. arbitrage profit regulations

    3. Which of the following is responsible for performing an independent audit of a firm's financial statements?
    a. the CFO
    b. the CEO
    c. a CPA firm
    d. the audit committee of the board of directors

    4. John Shoemaker estimates that his new business will make $75,000 in its first year. He wants to withdraw all the money earned from the business for personal use. You are hired to help him decide whether to structure his business as a C-corporation or to leave it in the form of a sole proprietorship. Assuming that the tax rate for a C corporation is 34%, while the tax rate for an individual is 28%, how much after-tax earnings will John have under the two systems?
    a. For a corporation, $35,640; for a proprietorship, $54,000
    b. For a corporation, $49,500; for a proprietorship, $54,000
    c. For either a corporation or a proprietorship, $54,000
    d. For either a corporation or a proprietorship, $35,640

    5. In finance the primary goal of management is to:
    a. utilize its economic resources in the most advantageous way
    b. minimize all possible expenses
    c. maximize shareholder wealth which is generally achieved by maximizing stock price
    d. make the best use of its assets

    6. Peak Teak Corp., an importer of teak from Thailand, reported a gross sales figure of $660 million for the 2009 business year. Its reported cost of goods sold was $310 million. It depreciated its warehouse and trucks (the only depreciable assets it owned) to the amount of $55 million and it paid $40 million as interest on its outstanding debt. Excluding depreciation, its operating expenses were $115 million. What was Peak Teak's EBIT?

    a. $660,000,000
    b. $350,000,000
    c. $180,000,000
    d. $140,000,000

    7. Cod Shark is planning to buy a seafood restaurant in a downtown district. He figures that he should make about $40,000 in profits in the first year if the economic outlook doesn't change. But, if the economy weakens, he expects to just about break even and, if it improves, he expects that the increased business will result in a total profit of $110,000. According to a research group, the probability that the economic climate will improve is 50% and the probability that the economic climate will weaken is 30%. What is Cod's expected profit in year one?
    a. $50,000
    b. $63,000
    c. $58,000
    d. $75,000

    8. Holding all other variables constant, a decrease in Cost of Goods Sold will lead to:
    a. an increased cost ratio
    b. higher net income
    c. a decrease in gross margin
    d. lower tax bill

    9. Which of the following will increase equity?
    a. An increase in dividends paid
    b. Issuance of new stock
    c. An increase in retained earnings from net income
    d. Both b. and c.
    e. All of the above

    10. The generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) are:
    a. rules that outline how a firm can operate ethically
    b. rules on how the firm will be valued in the event of a merger
    c. rules and procedures that define how companies are to maintain financial records and prepare financial reports
    d. rules and procedures that define how a company can issue stock and raise money

    11. Which one of the following is NOT a cash flow from operating activities?
    a. payments for utilities and rent
    b. cash payments on the principal of long-term debt
    c. payments to purchase raw materials
    d. cash receipts from selling goods and services

    12. The Ragin Cajun had an operating income (EBIT) of $360,000 last year. The firm had $38,000 in depreciation expenses, $35,000 in interest expenses, and $70,000 in selling, general, and administrative expenses. If Ragin Cajun has a marginal tax rate of 30 percent, what was its cash flow from operating activities last year?
    a. $165,000
    b. $265,500
    c. $227,500
    d. $325,000

    13. Cautious Books, Inc. carries a debt of $800,000 on its books. Its total assets are $3,200,000. What is its debt to equity ratio?
    a. 0.25
    b. 0.33
    c. 0.20
    d. 0.80

    14. Raging Bull Corp has a total equity of $1,400,000. Its long term debt is $2,600,000. What is its debt to assets ratio?
    a. .67
    b. .65
    c. 1.86
    d. none of the above

    15. Rope Curler Corporation has reported the following information: Sales/Total Assets = 2.89; ROA=10.74%; ROE = 20.36%. What are the firm's profit margin and equity multiplier?
    a. 7.04%; 0.53
    b. 7.04%; 1.90
    c. 3.72%; 0.53
    d. 3.72%; 1.90

    16. The lower the rate of interest:
    a. the larger the future value of an amount invested to-day
    b. the smaller the present value of a future sum of money
    c. the larger the present value of a future sum of money
    d. none of the above

    17. The principle behind time value of money is based on the fact that:
    a. a sum of money in hand today is worth more than the same sum in the future
    b. a sum of money in hand today is worth less than the same sum in the future
    c. a sum of money in the future is worth less than the same sum in hand today
    d. a and c

    18. Holding all other variables constant, an increase in the interest rate will cause ________ to decrease.
    a. Future values
    b. Annuity payments
    c. Present values
    d. Growth rates

    19. You have just calculated the present value of the expected cash flows of a potential investment. Management
    thinks your figures are too low. Which of the following actions would increase the present value of your cash?
    a. assume a longer stream of cash flows of the same amount
    b. decrease the discount rate
    c. increase the cash flow in earlier years and decrease it in later years keeping the total dollar value of the cash flows constant
    d. a and b
    e. a, b, and c

    20. You and your fiancé have planned a wedding four years from now. You estimate you'll need $25,200 for your dream wedding and collectively have $21,000 in savings today. What annually compounded rate of interest will you need to get to entirely pay for your wedding with your current savings?
    a. 16.00%
    b. 4.66%
    c. 4.00%
    d. 5.98%
    e. 19.05%

    21. Shares of Unattractive Assets Corp. are trading at $13.35. The company reported a net income of $812,425,000 for the most recent fiscal year and has 312,490,000 shares currently outstanding. What is Unattractive Assets Price-Earnings (PE) ratio?
    a. 4.87
    b. 5.13
    c. 5.17
    d. none of the above

    22. The Florida lottery agrees to pay the winner $250,000 at the end of each year for the next 20 years. What is the future value of this prize if each payment is put in an account earning 9 percent?
    a. $2.28 million
    b. $12.79 million
    c. $14.32 million
    d. $ 5.00 million

    23. The expected return for an investment is 30%. If we know the following information about the return distribution of the investment, what return will the investment produce if the economic climate is average?
    Climate Return Probability
    Poor 20% 0.30
    Average 0.50
    Exceptional 40% 0.20

    a. 28.00%
    b. 30.00%
    c. 32.00%
    d. 30.67%

    24. Suppose you put $100 into a savings account today, the account pays 8% compounded semiannually, and you withdraw $50 one year after your initial deposit. What would your ending balance be 20 years after the initial $100 deposit was made, assuming that you make no additional deposits?
    a. $250.31
    b. $257.45
    c. $258.16
    d. $430.10
    e. $480.10

    25. John Smith has a great idea for a new social networking platform and is selling his idea to a venture capital firm. John estimates that for an initial investment of $1,550,000 from the venture capital firm, he can generate cash flows of $600,000; $720,000; $1,000,000; and $1,150,000 over the next four years. The venture capital firm has a required rate of return of 16%. What is the NPV for John's project?
    a. $3,470,000
    b. $2,328,111
    c. $778,111
    d. $1,150,000

    26. A portfolio with a level of systematic risk that is the same as that of the market has a beta that is
    a. equal to zero
    b. equal to one
    c. less than the beta of the risk-free asset
    d. less than zero
    e. less than the standard deviation of the portfolio

    27. Two projects are considered to be mutually exclusive if
    a. the projects perform the same function
    b. selecting one would automatically eliminate accepting the other
    c. selecting one would automatically select the other as well
    d. access to the projects is restricted exclusively to mutual funds

    28. An investor's goal can be described best as
    a. minimizing risk
    b. maximizing returns
    c. capturing the high average returns of equity investing while limiting the associated risk as much as possible
    d. avoiding risk regardless of the risk premium offered

    29. Assume a risk-free rate of return of 3% and an expected stock market return of 8%. If the expected return on Apple Inc. is 15%, what is Apple's beta?
    a. 1.58
    b. 2.40
    c. 2.80
    d. 3.15

    30. A project has the following cash flows:
    Year CF Cumulative CF
    0 $(1,450,000) $(1,450,000)
    1 $640,000 $(810,000)
    2 $715,250 $(94,750)
    3 $823,330 $728,580
    4 $907,125 $1,635,705

    What is the payback period for this project?
    a. 2.12
    b. 1.88
    c. 4.00
    d. 3.00

    31. Use the following information to calculate the standard deviation of a portfolio of two stocks (assume that the correlation coefficient between the stock returns is 0.1):
    Stock Standard Deviation Holding in portfolio
    1 0.7 70%
    2 0.8 30%

    a. 0.32122
    b. 0.54562
    c. 0.56676
    d. 0.75000

    32. Sentry Oil Inc. is considering two mutually exclusive projects as follows:
    Year 0 1 2 3 4
    Cash flow A ($185,000) $60,000 $75,000 $70,000 $70,000
    Cash flow B ($125,000) ($60,000) $95,000 $90,000 $95,000
    Sentry's a cost of capital is 2%. It can spend no more than $350,000 on capital projects this year, which of the following statements is applicable when evaluating the projects by the NPV method?
    a. both projects add shareholder wealth and should be undertaken
    b. project B appears to add more shareholder wealth than project A and should be done
    c. project A appears to add more shareholder wealth than project B and should be done
    d. project B should be undertaken because it requires a smaller investment

    33. John D. C. Little Associates has cash and marketable securities worth $335,486; accounts payables worth $1,159,357; inventory of $1,651,599; accounts receivables of $1,488,121; short term notes payable worth $313,663; and other current assets worth $121,427. What is the company's net working capital?
    a. $3,596,632
    b. $1,801,784
    c. $2,123,612
    d. $1,673,421

    34. You are considering buying a new car. The sticker price is $15,000 and you have $2,000 to put toward a down
    payment. If you can negotiate a nominal annual interest rate of 10% and you wish to pay for the car over a 5-
    year period, what are your monthly car payments?
    a. $216.67
    b. $252.34
    c. $276.21
    d. $285.78
    e. $318.71

    35. Muggles Manufacturing has asked you to calculate the company's current ratio. All you have is the partial balance sheet below, the year's sales revenue, and two ratios also shown below. Using that information, calculate Muggles' current ratio.

    Sales = $3,000
    Cost Ratio (Cost of Goods sold/ Sales) = 45%
    Inventory Turnover (Cost of goods sold/Inv) = 5.0

    Assets Liabilities & Equity
    Cash ? Accounts Payable $ 50
    AR $ 40 Accruals ?
    Inventory ? Long-term Debt $380
    Net Fixed Assets $500 Equity $250
    Total Assets $830 Total Liabilities & Equity ?

    a. 0.35
    b. 0.85
    c. 1.65
    d. 2.25

    36. Your mother is trying to choose one of the following bank CDs to deposit $10,000. Which one will have the highest future value if she plans to invest for three years?

    a. 3.5% compounded daily
    b. 3.25% compounded monthly
    c. 3.4% compounded quarterly
    d. 3.75% compounded annually.

    37. Moshe purchased a mutual fund for $40 two years ago. He found out today that the fund lost 50% the first year and then gained 50% the second year. If the fund paid no dividends, which of the following must be true?

    a. The fund price today is $40
    b. The fund price today is $30
    c. The fund price today is $20
    d. The fund price today is $60

    38. Babs purchased a piece of real estate last year for $85,000. The real estate is now worth $102,000. If Babs needs to have a total return of 25 percent during the year, then what is the dollar amount of income that she needed to have to reach her objective?

    a. $3,750
    b. $4,250
    c. $4,750
    d. $5,250

    39. Clarity Music Company has a marginal tax rate of 34 percent and an average tax rate of 32 percent this year. It is planning to construct a new recording studio next year. The appropriate tax rate to be applied on the income generated from the new studio is

    a. the average tax rate.
    b. the marginal tax rate.
    c. either one.
    d. none of the above.

    40. Galan Associates prepared its financial statement for 2008 based on the information given here. The company had cash worth $1,234, inventory worth $13,480, and accounts receivables of $7,789. The company's net fixed assets are $42,331, and other assets are $1,822. It had accounts payables of $9,558, notes payables of $2,756, common stock of $22,000, and retained earnings of $14,008. How much long-term debt does the firm have?

    a. $54,342
    b. $76,342
    c. $12,314
    d. $18,334

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