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Expected Return and CAPM

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9. Bill plans to open a do-it-yourself dog-bathing center in a storefront. The bathing equipment will cost $160,000. Bill expects the after-tax cash inflows to be $40,000 annually for 7 years, after which he plans to scrap the equipment and retire to the beaches of Jamaica. Assume the required rate of return is 10%. What is the project's NPV?
a. $14,210
b. $27,322
c. $32,556
d. $34,737
e. $45,001

10. What is the expected market return if the expected return on asset A is 16% and the risk-free rate is 7%? Asset A has a beta of 1.2.
a. 9.5%
b. 14.5%
c. 16.5%
d. 17.5%
e. 20.5%

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