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Managerial Decision Making

Managerial decision - Discuss your feelings about the multiple-selves theory. Do you feel the pull between what you want and what should be done? How have you reconciled these differences in the past?

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//Before writing a paper on this subject; firstly, one must understand the "Want/ Should Theory". In order to elucidate about this theory, we have to initially, give a brief introduction about this theory. Like this. //

Multiple-Selves Theory

The multiple-Selves theory is a part of the want/should theory given by Bazerman et al. This theory lays emphasis on the 'Multi- dimension' theory. According to this theory, the human self system consists of multiple self- conceptions, which show themselves in different situations. The theory believes that the coexistence of multiple selves results in people experiencing conflict among them due to clash of these multiple perceptions. This leads to human ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 425 words.