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Your vendor approached you earlier today--after yesterday's disastrous design meeting--and offered you and your top engineering two tickets each to the hottest rock concert of the summer. You all really want to go to this concert but have no way of getting tickets without paying hundreds of dollars. Your firm does not have a strict rule about accepting gifts from vendors, so you wouln't technically be breaking any rules by accepting the tickets.


Would it be ethical for your engineers to accept the tickets? Why or why not?

Would it be ethical for you to accept the tickets? why or why not

Does this offer introduce any new risks to the project? What are they? How will you respond?

Will you communicate this to anyone else? How? What will you say?

Will you respond to the vendor? What will you say?

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It is normally acceptable to accept gives such as food baskets, candy or smaller items etc. If a vendor offers hundreds of dollars worth of concert tickets to engineers as a whole, as a way of saying thank you than ethically if it is improving the business relationship I do not think it is unethical.

For one team member to accept the tickets in this case ...

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