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Productivity in the United States

Discuss the topic of productivity in short. Is the United States still productive and/or competitive in manufacturing from a World Class standpoint?
Please support your answer.
Make sure you check out the Week 1 Web Links before you attempt to answer this question.

Why Europe lags behind the United States in productivity?
How Russia could be more productive.
Five misconceptions about productivity
Capital productivity: Why the US leads and why it matters?
What's right with the US economy?

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The U.S. has lost some ground in production and manufacturing competitive fronts, but the country still remains strong. It holds approximately 20% of the world's manufacturing production and along with construction, is among the top producers in the world. While China is poised to take over as the most productive within the next ten years, there have been some doubts raised about the actual move to the top spot. China continues to raise wages and therefore the separation between the rest of the elite and China is slowly closing. It is not ...

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The solution discusses productivity in the United States.