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    Management and changing definition of family

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    How has the changing definition of family affected the functions of management? provide an experience/example that supports your views.

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    Specifically the definition has changed from the formerly accepted notion of man, woman, their families and any children produced from the union. However it is not the same as the currently accepted notion of people who are living together, in their second or third or more relationship (married or otherwise) and the people involved with the couple. The group dynamics now include divorce, friendships, family and extended family from previous and current relationships. This can also include parents and grandparents who live apart from the family and yet are the responsibility of the people working for the company. Management has to adjust to the needs of this group in terms of flexibility of time, holidays, benefits, and the weight of stress and responsibility on workers. Management now has to contend with a skilled and unskilled workforce with a larger ...

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    A discussion on management challenges in dealing with the changes in modern society families and their complex memberships.