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    A manufacturer of printed circuit boards uses exponential smoothing with trend to forecast monthly demand of its product. At the end of December, the company wishes to forecast sales for January. The estimate of trend through November has been 200 additional boards sold per month. Average sales have been around 1000 units per month. The demand for December was 1100 units. The company uses ? = 0.20 and ? = 0.10. Make a forecast including trend for the month of January.

    The level of the series is units
    The trend is units.

    The forecast including trend is units.

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    Here it is given that
    A Dec = 1100 units/month
    S Nov = 1000 units/month
    T Nov = 200 units/month
     = 0.20
     = 0.10

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    The solution illustrates a forecasting problem using exponential smoothing.