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    Forecasting inventories & end-of-year retained earnings

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    Please show all work so I can understand how to work similar situations. Thanks

    1) Suppose forecasted sales are $26,117 and the gross profit margin is expected to be 35.00 percent. If the forecasted ratio of inventories to cost of sales is 20.00 percent, compute the forecasted inventories balance for the pro forma financial statements.

    2) Suppose beginning-of-year retained earnings are $7,767 and net income is forecasted to be $2,341 for the coming year. If the dividend payout ratio is expected to be 25.00 percent, compute forecasted end-of-year retained earnings.

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    1. Sales are 26,117. Gross Margin at 35%=26117*35%=9140.95. Gross Margin=sales-Cost of Goods Sold ( or cost of sales).
    Cost of Goods Sold(Cost of sales)=Sales - Gross Margin

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    The solution explains how to calculate the year end inventory balance and the balance in retained earnings