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Apple Computers Sept.26, 1998 through Sept. 25, 1999 % of Sales Forecast for Sept. 26, 1999 through Sept. 25, 2000

Sales $6,134 100% $7,361
Cost of Sales $4,438 72.35% $5,326
Gross Margin $1,696 $2,035
Operating Expenses:
R & D $314 5.12% $376.88
Selling, General, and Administrative $996 16.24% $1,195.43
In-Process R & D
Restructuring Costs $73.61
Total Operating Exp $1,310 $1,645.92
Operating Income $386 $389.08
Total Interest & Other Income Net $317 5.17% $380.56
Income Before Provision For Income Taxes $703 $769.64
Provision For Income Taxes (15%) $105 $115.45
Net Income $598 $654.19

Discuss the forecasting results. What assumptions have you made? Do any of your assumptions seem unreasonable?

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Solution Summary

Discusses the forecasting reults.

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The Net income has increased to $654.19 which is an year to year % growth of 9.40% =(654.19/598)-1

This compares well with sales and expense figures which have grown by 20%

The difference in % is because of ...

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