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    gift basket company

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    Write a business proposal for a small gift basket company. For a company working from home with only $60,000 to use: How would the money be divided and what items a person need to get started and begin operations?

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    The money should be divided as follows:
    In $
    Equipment 7,000
    Furniture 3,000
    Inventory 35,000
    Supplies 3,000
    Cash 12,000
    Total 60,000

    The items listed above represent how your money should be divided. As you plan to operate from your home, I have not allocated any money for land and building. You will need equipment and furniture to handle and store your inventory. The inventory is required so that you can respond fast to orders as well as get good deals from wholesalers. The inventory, supplies and cash represent your working capital. You need these to defray expenses like advertising costs, or website cost.

    You must develop a business plan. ...

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