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Non-Profit Financial Plan

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I am in the process of designing a non-profit prisoner re-entry program. The program will assist ex-offenders with issues impeding them employment in addition to job placement.

I can design a budget using up $200,000. What kinds of staff would I need? (Professional & Administrative support) What about operating expenses?

I also need to justify needing the personnel. What kinds of funding can an organization like this receive?

Are there monitoring and reporting requirements? Lastly, are there ethical considerations I need to think about? Thanks for your help with this!

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The issues that the non-profit prisoner re-entry program will provide will be help with identification, employment, housing, food and clothing. In addition, help will be provided with career assessments, job readiness workshops, and job retention programs. These are the minimum services that the non-profit prisoner re-entry program has to provide to be successful.
Professional staff members will be one officer who will be responsible for career assessment, job placement, and job retention. He will require one assistant. The salary of the placement officer will be $40,000 and that of his assistant will be $25,000. The second officer will be offer training. He will provide job readiness workshops, setting vocational goals training and help develop personal goals. He will also require one assistant. The training officer will have a salary of $35,000 and his assistant will get $25,000. One administrator will be required for coordinating the activities of the non-profit prisoner re-entry ...

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