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    Financial Management

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    Hi you helped me with an assignment on Oct 07, 2009 9:35 pm)#274401

    Based on that could you help me with the following: Tks

    (1) Apply the global accounting principles such as (College Income, Current Exp., Additions to Capital Stock, Operating Costs, and Wealth -EOY) To this Budget: how would this change the budget you created last week? Would this make your budget easier to understand and manage?

    (2)Now Make reallocations and adjustments to your departmental budget by applying various reallocation strategies to balance a budget.

    (3). If you were the VP of Finance what key things would you do, and look for, in providing feedback on the reallocated and revised one year departmental budget of some of your peers.

    NB: 2 different Excel budgets with explanations and please help me to explain/understand #3. Thanks

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    //A budget is an important factor for any type of organization because it is concerned with the internal control. It is a part of planning and simplifies the implementation of organizational strategies. In this paper, the allocation of budget will be considered. It will give an insight about how budget is changed due to the change in expense.//

    Change in the Operating Budget

    The education institution is endeavoring to improve its strategy to get huge income and growth in the education industry. The current income of the institute is $175,000. It is expected that revenue will be increased by $20000 due to the marketing efforts. 11.43% will be changed in revenue. This will be positive change in institution's revenue. The institution also has an expansion program. Therefore, it will raise additional capital from the share market to meet its financial requirements; and because of this, the organization has to incur additional advertisement and prospective printing expense. The prospective printing ...

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