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Performance measures you seen that fit the following categories

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What performance measures have you seen (or might you adopt) that fit the following categories?

Customer, owner, internal business process, learning, and innovation
Corporate, business unit, operating unit levels
Leading versus lagging measures
Financial versus non-financial
Quantitative versus qualitative

What might be difficulties in developing and applying performance measures for activities are outside the control of any one individual?

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Performance measurement is required in the process of analyzing a workgroup's success, or an organization's efforts while comparing the data on what actually happened to what was intended to happen. Performance measurement therefore is the act of selecting and making use of quantitative measures of capacities, processes and outcomes to develop information about critical aspects of activities which an inclusion of the effect that that performance may have on the public (Gimzauskiene & Valanciene, 2011).

What performance measures have you seen (or might you adopt) that fit the following categories?

There are certain performance measures which can be employed for qualitative verses quantitative measures with operating efficiency measures being one of them. These measures have a relation to profits targets, productivity, revenue, cost ratios or earnings. When they are independently used, that is in isolation, they can result to a firm's exposure to un-captured risk.. generally, firms should exercise a lot of caution when it comes to ...

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The performance measures you have seen that fit a category are examined.