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    Auditor Evaluate Results of Audit Procedures

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    How does the auditor evaluate the results of audit procedures? What types of qualitative factors might the audit consider when encountering an error? How might the results affect the audit conclusion?

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    Auditing is a tool used by business organizations with an aim of ensuring that they are strengthened through the provision of validated information which makes informed business decisions within the firm which in turn ensures an increased business quality and business security at all times. An auditor is an individual who is directly involved with the act of auditing and handling of various auditing procedures.

    How An Auditor Evaluates The Results Of An Audit Procedure:

    Evaluation of an audit procedure is carried out with the purpose of determining whether an auditor has gathered audit evidence regarded as appropriate and sufficient. ...

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    Auditor evaluates results of audit procedures are examined. The types of qualitative factors when encountering an error is determined. The results that affect audit conclusion is given.