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Audit situations: written representation needed?

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For each of these, indicate whether you would include in written representations for (1) all audits, (2) audits of public entities (under AS 5), or (3) not included in written representations.

a. Management acknowledgements its responsibility for the fairness of the financial statements in accordance with a reporting framework (US GAAP).
b. Third party council provides a list of pending or threatened litigation currently outstanding against the client.
c. The auditor's list of recommendations to improve efficiency or effectiveness of its operations.
d. The client is willing to make all financial records and related data available during the audit.
e. Information related to the presentation and disclosure of items within the financial statements.
f. Disclosure of all significant deficiencies and material weaknesses in internal control.
g. Data concerning fraud for those who have significant roles in internal control.
h. Auditors' judgment about the quality of the client's accounting principles and estimates.
i. Management' conclusion about the quality of the client's accounting principles and estimates.
j. A statement that the financial statements are prepared according to the reporting framework (US GAAP)

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A sentence explains each issue of written representation.

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a. This is true for ALL audits and is a precondition for accepting an audit engagement. It will be in the audit engagement letter.
b. Legal council will provide this and is true for ALL audits and is part of ...

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