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    Audit of Long-Term Debt

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    Audit of Long-Term Debt

    The long-term debt working paper (indexed K-1) on attached doc. was prepared by client personnel and audited by AA, an audit assistant, during the calendar year 2006 audit of American Widgets, Inc., a continuing audit client. The engagement supervisor is thoroughly reviewing the working papers.

    Overall Conclusions
    Long-term debt, accrued interest payable, and interest expense are correct and complete at 12/31/06.

    Identify the deficiencies in the working paper that the engagement supervisor should discover.

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    1.First Commercial Bank: Calculation of accrued interest on 31st Dec. 2006 is not right it will come to only Rs.493 this change will be effected by a journal entry so that change is ...

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    This solution identifies and explains four main deficiencies the engagement supervisor should find in the working paper. It also contains the corrections for the identified mistakes.