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    Triangular arbitrage calculations

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    I need to show how I calculated this problem.

    You are given these quotes by the bank:

    You can sell Canadian dollars (C$) to the bank for $.70.
    You can buy Canadian dollars from the bank for $.73.

    The bank is willing to buy dollars for 0.9 euros per dollar.
    The bank is willing to sell dollars for 0.94 euros per dollar. .

    The bank is willing to buy Canadian dollars for 0.64 euros per C$.
    The bank is willing to sell Canadian dollars for 0.68 euros per C$.

    You have $100,000. Estimate your profit or loss if you would attempt triangular arbitrage by converting your dollars to euros, and then convert euros to Canadian dollars and then convert Canadian dollars to U.S. dollars.

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    We start with $100,000
    1. Convert $ to Euro. The rate would be 0.9 euro per dollar as the bank would buy our ...

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